About Us

Skylight Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to individuals, families, couples and groups.  Founded in 2011, we are dedicated to the growth and development of our clients and ourselves.  We aim to help people gain insight into themselves, and to live their lives with deeper passion, conviction and harmony.  Our therapists utilize various modalities of psychotherapy and healing to provide the best possible opportunity for change. Our goal is to create healthier societal systems so that our world is more just, equitable and inclusive.

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Diversity Statement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement:

Social justice is an imperative value to our work here at Skylight Counseling Center. Though the therapists come from different personal and professional backgrounds, we are dedicated to cultural humility and cultural curiosity. We are committed to the inclusivity of all systematically excluded communities that we serve. We understand that inclusion, equity, and social justice is an ongoing endeavor, and we will continue to grow. 


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Affinity Communities White Affinity Community

BIPOC Affinity Community  

LGBTQIA+ Affinity Community

Community Partnerships with the city of Evanston, Year Up Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, & The Skylight Foundation  


DEI Definitions:

Diversity: Diversity pertains to the range of differences that we all encompass. These differences are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability, religious and spiritual values, political beliefs, culture, mental health, socioeconomic status, age, neurodiversity, and military/veteran status. 


Equity: Equity refers to fair and just policies and practices that ensure all staff, clinicians, and clients can thrive. Equity is different from equality in that equality implies treating everyone exactly the same. Achieving equity means actively acknowledging and addressing structural inequalities that have systematically oppressed and excluded many minoritized groups of people. 


Inclusion: Inclusion is the active practice of ensuring that people feel a sense of belonging. At Skylight counseling center we believe that inclusion has to be intentional, proactive, and ongoing. We believe that inclusion does not just come from leadership, but it comes from all levels within the organization.




Our Leadership


Skylight Counseling Center is run by a passionate, devoted, and adventurous team of clinicians and administrators. We spend our days thinking about how we can make our organization a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse place for people to work and clients to be cared for. We take care of one another while taking care of our staff. We keep our eyes on the horizon of what might be forward thinking, but also keep our feet on the ground so that we're constantly listening to what the experience is of those we serve.  

Our Team


We are an inclusive, diverse and intrepid group of lively and passionate visionaries and healers. We believe in the goodness and potential of the human spirit. Our therapists are well trained and dedicated to bringing deep and lasting change to people's lives. We are empathic, creative and focused on helping people develop insight, bravery and greater health. Ferociously compassionate, we bring an unstoppable warmth, humor and sense of adventure into the therapy room.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you!

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If you have some general questions, you may find some answers on our FAQ page.



We partner with local counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work graduate programs to provide therapy for clients at little to no cost. Our interns are in their final year of their graduate programs and supervised by fully licensed clinicians. They are able to see clients through our $20 therapy program and also partner with other nonprofit community organizations to provide mental health care.



Counseling Services

Individual, couple, and family counseling for adults, adolescents, children and families. We treat a wide range of presenting problems and populations.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric care to treat mental health concerns on its own to supplement therapy. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners can prescribe medication with ongoing management.

Family Therapy

For families who want to improve communication, heal separations, and find more understanding and connection with one another.


Couples Therapy

A safe and productive space to improve healthy relationship functioning and find creative solutions to ongoing partnership problems.


Group Therapy 

Group Therapy for those interested in personal growth and learning more about themselves and their relationships with others.


Online Counseling

Online Counseling is an easily accessible way to get support and tools for manage today's stress and anxiety. Contact us to set up your first online session.

Neuropsychological Testing


Understanding cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning by measuring attention, memory, language and executive functioning.



Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness solutions for organizations big and small. Tailored programming to help build wellness and stress reduction for individuals and teams.

Virtual Reality Assisted Therapy


Virtual Reality (VR) assisted therapy offers an immersive environment that allows for clients to visualize and interact with different mindfulness exercises to relieve anxiety.


Couples Therapy Renewal

A nine session relationship renewal program which utilizes two therapists and combines individual therapy and couples counseling.

Meditation & Energy Healing


Create far reaching changes through Meditation and Energy Healing.  Learn easily accessible ways to look more deeply into yourself and connect more deeply to life.


Therapy for Geeks and Gamers


You can address issues surrounding healthy life balance with gaming, gaming culture, or you may simply want to work with a therapist who understands the geek community.