Neuropsychological Testing

General information

Psychological or Neuropsychological Assessments are an individually tailored set of nationally normed tests offered for adolescents and adults.


Through an assessment, adult and adolescents (with their parents) can target intellectual strengths and weaknesses, help determine school and life direction, and the roots of mood, academic or behavioral difficulties. These evaluations are often required before schools or The College Board will make adjustments to time-requirements for tests. They are needed to identify attention, learning or autism spectrum disorders and can differentiate between academic and motivational problems.


Mood and academic difficulties related to sports injuries can also be evaluated. Practical recommendations are always provided from the test results. Adult assessments are used to examine motor, memory and attention loss, psychological impediments to work and relationships, as well as the roots of anxiety, depression, persistent patterns of anger, and general restlessness.


A neuropsychological evaluation is particularly helpful to determine the possibility of psychological underpinnings from injury. Assessments can provide insights to therapists to target treatment more precisely. Please contact us today for more information about our testing services. 

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