Robert Lloyd

Director of Community Counseling Services



About Robert

Robert is a Chicago native from the Southside of the city. He believes that mental health counseling is a transformative experience that helps us to reflect and step into a more informed future. Especially during these uncertain times, life can get even heavier. Robert is a proponent of self-care and considers therapy a part of that care. Doing the inner work and digging deep to recognize and work on unhealthy behaviors can help bring more positivity into our lives.
Robert believes in having spaces to receive unbiased support. Many of us have family and friends but it can be difficult to lay all of our problems on them or receive supports that are unbiased because of the nature of the relationship.


Robert is interested in relationship development, identity issues, anxiety, depression, queer-related issues and more.


Robert brings a diverse background in education where he has nine years’ worth of experience as a teacher and trainer with multiple stakeholders. He brings his passion and drive to help others and assist his clients to transform to the best versions of themselves.