Emily Matisko


Emily Matisko, Intern




About Emily

Emily is an intern pursuing a Masters degree in Counseling from Northwestern University. She
brings with her years of experience working in both the non-profit sector and the wellness
industry, having received her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion
from Otterbein University. Her time as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor leads her
to incorporate the various dimensions of health into her work with clients: mental, physical,
emotional, social, and spiritual.


In her clinical work, Emily primarily draws from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
Mindfulness, and Adlerian theory, but also utilizes an integrative approach depending on the clients’ needs and preferences. Though her focus is largely on children and adolescents, she
enjoys working with clients across the lifespan.


Emily views the therapeutic relationship as collaborative and client-centered, grounded in a
shared sense of trust, empathy, and nonjudgement. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to have someone who can support them through their most challenging (or their best!) moments, and who can help them feel empowered to make sustainable changes in their lives. It is important to Emily that she creates a safe, inclusive, and compassionate environment that remains flexible to the many twists and turns life often takes. The therapeutic process is
typically not linear, but that’s the beauty of the journey – a journey that Emily feels honored to
embark on with her clients.