Latryce Sharp



About Latryce

Latryce successfully completed her doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy.  She incorporates a systemic based approach to help individuals, couples, and families overcome generational pathologies and destructive relational patterns. She enjoys helping clients gain and develop a better sense of self by understanding their behavioral and interactional patterns.

She creates a therapeutic space that is welcoming and inviting. She understands the importance of creating a safe space in order to foster growth while helping her clients confront their challenges. She invites her clients to address any challenges or concerns they may be
experiencing. As a therapist she is a nurturer who is patient, humorous and direct. She believes in meeting her client(s) were they are every time they step into her office to process their thoughts, feeling and emotions. Her education and trainings made sure, she as a clinician understands that her clients would need different forms of therapeutic interventions.

Latryce received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Art from Fisk University. She received her master’s degree in Counseling and Art therapy from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, and her Doctorate in Couples and Family Therapy at Adler University. She has extensive training in crisis intervention, clinical and research experience regarding trauma in children and adults, experience with supporting single’s relational explorations, couples’ issues, grief and loss, and environmental trauma. She has experience working with individuals and couples from all walks of life and various cultural backgrounds. In her free time, if she is not studying, she enjoys spending time and sharing laughs with her family and friends, playing with her dog, volunteering, painting, enjoying the city, traveling, meditating and listening to good music.