Sabrina Hughey


Sabrina Hughey, LSW


About Sabrina

Sabrina Hughey is a Licensed Social Worker who believes in a holistic approach to therapy by focusing on the mind, body, and Spirit.  She believes that people tend to forget about taking care of themselves when “life happens”.  Stress, burnout, relationships, grief, life transitions or work/life balance issues can impact us in several ways.  When “life happens”, it impacts our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being as well as those who we are in relationship with.  Sabrina has learned that it is “ok not to be ok” when this happens.  Life happens.  And because life happens, this does not mean you are defeated or alone.  


As we grow up, our perception of ourselves is shaped by trauma, family, and society.  People need a sacred space to process and develop ways to cope. The work of discovering who you are amid everything going on can help you address and overcome the issues that has left you feeling isolated and alone. Sabrina partners with individuals who seek to learn more about themselves, and have a desire to grow mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Sabrina sees the client as the expert of their own life and  facilitates a collaborative therapeutic approach. She aims to meet clients where they are.  






Sabrina has a Master of Divinity and a Master of Social Work , along with  20+ years of professional experience in Child Welfare. Her areas of focus include working with youth and adults who struggle with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, self-care, grief/loss and work/life balance, as well as self-esteem and spirituality.

One of the keys to a successful counseling experience is to co-create a healthy and therapeutic relationship while holding a space that is warm and inviting for people to feel supported and free from judgment.  


Sabrina looks forward to working with you to help you discover the best possible version of yourself.