April Wilburne



About April

Brene Brown mentioned “When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brand new ending.” We often try to deny and reject our past instead of embracing it, sometimes leading to self-doubt, negative thoughts and memories that can hinder us. Through collaboration and self-determination, we can reignite the drive that still lies within, so that we can increase your self-esteem, replace negative thoughts with positive thinking, and process those memories together. You are not alone.

April has always been passionate about helping others achieve their goals for better mental health. From assistance with daily stressors to feelings of hopelessness, each client is unique and deserves a therapeutic journey tailored to them.

April specializes in trauma-informed care, crisis intervention/management, depression, and anxiety. She also has other clinical interests including assisting with relational problems, child and adolescent issues, LGBTQIA+ related stressors, stress management, and cultural/identity concerns. April brings humor, non-judgement, kindness, and patience with her into sessions. She typically encourages her clients to practice self-work both in and out of sessions to build a stronger foundation for a healthier self. Sometimes we need others to hear our stories, so that we can own them, heal from them, and use that same story as motivation for a successful novel.

So, what is your story? Let’s get into this healing.