Therapy for Geeks and Gamers

General information

Therapy for geeks and gamers is a warm space for those who identify as a geek and/or gamer. In therapy, you will work with a therapist who is familiar with geek and gamer culture. You can address issues surrounding healthy life balance with gaming, gaming culture and community, or you may simply want to work on other mental health issues with a therapist who has an understanding of an important aspect of your identity and life. The Therapy for Geeks and Gamers space breaks down the walls of misunderstanding and stigma in therapy, and invites geeks and gamers to embrace what they love, pursue personal growth, and to thrive in life.

Services offered


Individual Therapy with a Geek Therapist


Child and Adolescent Therap with optional Collaborative Parent/Family Sessions


Parent Education about Gaming Culture


Video Gamer Group Therapy


Consultation for Professionals


Speaking Engagements and Workshops

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