Jalesa Boyd


Jalesa Boyd, AMFT



About Jalesa

Jalesa is an accomplished pre-licensed therapist here at Skylight Counseling Center.
Jalesa has a Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy from Adler University, graduating in
2023. Her journey into the realm of relational and systemic therapy began during her impactful
year working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There, she
developed a proficiency in behavioral modification modalities informed by extensive hands-on experience, enabling her to navigate and appreciate the realities that families face when navigating ASD. This exposure has shaped Jalesa's professional ethos, emphasizing the
importance of a systemic lens in her therapeutic approach.

Additionally, Jalesa has a robust background in working with culturally diverse
populations, bringing a wealth of insights to her practice. Her commitment to maintaining
curiosity and a non-judgmental lens underscores her dedication to fostering a supportive
environment for clients, families, and couples.

Jalesa envisions therapy as a transformative space, aiming to help clients achieve their
goals within their unique systems while providing a secure place for self-expression. A proud
American Association for Marriage and Couple Therapy member, Jalesa's commitment to
excellence is further exemplified by her alumni membership in the APA Minority Student
Fellowship Program. There, she explored community support's impact on minority groups and the value that access to mental health resources provides to underserved populations. Here at Skylight, Jalesa has continued her value for supporting underserved communities.


Confident, empathetic, and driven by a commitment to professional excellence, Jalesa is
making a significant impact in the Couple and Family Therapy field and is excited to work with