Stevi Gould



About Stevi

Dr. Stevi Gould believes the therapy room should be an atmosphere filled with safety, authenticity, and transformation. Raised in North Carolina, Stevi’s southern warmth and natural compassion and empathy for her clients allow each of them to feel at ease when talking about their stories, their struggles, and their goals. Stevi takes pride in providing space for clients to feel comfortable and supported through their
therapeutic journey.


In Stevi’s therapeutic work with individuals, couples, and families, she strives to engage with clients on a level that allows them to show their true selves without judgment, but with empowerment. One main tenant of Stevi’s therapeutic work is to highlight clients’ strengths and capabilities, while also posing helpful challenges to clients that will expand their authentic selves to their greatest potential.

Stevi very much values collaboration and multiple points of view when working with clients. She believes each client has a narrative to tell and encourages clients to share their genuine thoughts and feelings through these unique stories.


Stevi works with individuals, couples, and families experiencing life adjustments
and transitions, anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship
issues including communication difficulties and struggles with conflict and


Stevi has obtained her Ph.D. studying Couples and Family Therapy at Adler
University in Chicago. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Couples and Family
Therapy from Adler University, as well.