Chanel De Freitas


Chanel De Freitas, MA LPC

About Chanel

Along with the stresses of modern life, we may be met with grief, traumatic experiences or tumultuous changes. Chanel views therapy as a ‘rest stop’ for clients where they can recharge, re-center and learn to feel safe in their minds and bodies.

Chanel De Freitas is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University. Chanel works with a variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, life transition, grief and loss. Chanel is also passionate about working with couples, and individuals/families of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Having lived most of her life in Trinidad and Tobago, Chanel’s work emphasizes how culture shapes our core values and beliefs, sense of self and unique perspectives. Chanel employs an eclectic approach to her work, utilizing Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Person-Centered techniques to create a safe, non-judgmental and empowering space.

Chanel values a systemic approach and believes in the power of understanding each individual’s stories, experiences, and critical incidents that have shaped them. She aims to provide a supportive environment that fosters insight, healing and self- discovery. Chanel values curiosity, empathy, acceptance and open-mindedness as a counselor and considers herself a fellow traveler to her clients.