Meditation &
Energy Healing

General information

Skylight's Meditation & Energy Healing program brings cutting edge, research based, transformational methods which bridge psychotherapy, spirituality and creative expression. Drawing on ancient principles and modern practices, the Meditation & Energy Healing program at Skylight Counseling Center is on the front lines of developing new models of psychotherapy and personal growth programming. Please also check out our offerings below.


Meditation is a vehicle used by many cultures and disciplines to help people look more deeply inside themselves. By creating a safe space, we are able to help you with learning basic meditation tools that can have lasting impact. You will also learn how to create an ongoing meditation practice at home. 

Energy Healing

Utilizing creative visualization and imagery, you can learn how to work with energy to create new possibilities in your life. Being able to tune into the subtle nature of the mind, energy work allows for faster release of old, outwork patterns, and a more effective way to create the life that you love. 

Mindfulness Based Creative Expression

Mindfulness Based Creative Expression (MBCE) combines Mindfulness practice and Art Therapy. It creates a new integration of thought, behavior and emotion. MBCE promotes healthy brain development and social-emotional learning by clearing and calming the mind via Mindfulness meditation, and opening a flow of creative expression through Art Therapy. Created by Skylight Counseling Center, MBCE offers a cutting edge technique which creates new possibilities and provides powerful tools for healthy living.

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