Cindy Nielsen




About Cindy

Cindy knows the power of taking a pause. A culture characterized by busy-ness, growing efficiency, and increasing demands for attention easily lends to people feeling anxious, confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Counseling serves as that much-needed break we humans need to mindfully think and compassionately feel in a world that often expects us to behave more like machines than the human beings we are.

For Cindy, the counseling process is all about integration: integration between mind and body, what we are thinking and what we are feeling, and attuning to the parts of ourselves that needed to disconnect as a result of adaptive behaviors learned from past experiences.

Cindy brings a warmth that is reflective of her innate passion for the work and respect for the process of personal growth and exploration. Her approach is relational, built upon a genuine
connection, which allows her and her clients to explore interpersonal patterns in a safe, open, and non-threatening space.

With patience and gentle, compassionate guidance, Cindy helps her clients grow an understanding of how behaviors emerged over time, ways their unique abilities can be leveraged today, and how to incorporate new strategies for authentic, meaningful, and satisfying

She treats many of life’s challenges including depression, anxiety, life-stage transitions, work/life balance, career satisfaction, perfectionism, self-care, and stress management. As an intern at Skylight, Cindy is able to see individuals and couples who do not currently have insurance or the financial ability to pay full cost for therapy services.

She is currently studying at Northwestern where she is on track to receive her master’s in counseling from The Family Institute. She looks forward to the accomplishment and, more importantly, to a lifetime of helping her clients become more authentically themselves.