Rolanda Brown, LMFT

Senior Staff Clinician


About Rolanda

Rolanda is a Masters-level Couple & Family Therapist with a passionate focus on helping individuals, couples, and families to overcome generational pathologies and destructive relational patterns that interrupt the process and potential for knowing relational health and wellness.


Rolanda’s empathetic collaborative style offers a safe and nurturing space for clients to experience a transformational emotional learning experience that assists in identifying and uprooting behavioral patterns that are negatively impacting the relational bond with themselves and between others. .


Rolanda is experienced as being warm, nurturing, and authentic in her commitment to journeying with individuals, couples, and families to rediscover authentic relational connection and emotional well-being.


Rolanda creates an inviting space in which clients encounter a safe and supportive environment. Clients feel valued and empowered to wholeheartedly engage in the process of relational healing.


With an educational and professional background including a Master of Arts in Couple & Family Therapy, a Master of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Service Management, Rolanda has intensive training and experience working with culturally diverse populations. Rolanda also has professional and volunteer experience in community outreach and providing therapeutic services for disadvantaged youths and families in marginalized communities.