Paulette Freed



About Paulette 

Paulette Freed is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with diverse populations of adults of all ages. She treats many challenges that clients face, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief, and focuses as well on issues that are of particular significance to women, including self-esteem, relationships, life transitions, and
parenting. Paulette’s warm, non-judgmental, style creates a safe and caring environment that makes clients feel comfortable, connected, and understood.


Promoting increased self-understanding, Paulette helps clients look at the ways that the past has an impact on the present. She empowers her clients to find concrete coping skills that help manage their lives. Paulette uses a holistic, mindful approach. Among the modalities she employs are cognitive behavior therapy, systems theory, and mind-
body therapies in which clients learn to identify sensations in their body and let go of the stress associated with them.

Paulette comes to Skylight Counseling Center after being an Affiliate Therapist at The Family Institute for the past eleven years. Prior to her work at The Family Institute, she had extensive experience in a variety of Community and Family Service Agencies, as well as with Youth Guidance-an agency that worked in the Chicago Public Schools. Her work promotes growth and positive change that allows individuals, families, and groups to recognize their potential, their strengths, and their resiliency.
Paulette holds an MSW from Boston University School of Social Work and an Advanced Certificate from The Family Institute of Chicago in Couples and Family Therapy.