Alnita Myles




About Alnita

Alnita Myles is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has a strong sense of passion and commitment to this field that she truly loves. Alnita has had the honor and privilege 

throughout her professional career to join with others on their journey to gain understanding, acceptance as well as strive towards being the best person that they can be.  It's Alnita’s desire to foster a holistic approach in every interaction. Her overall goal is to provide a relaxing, safe environment, where you are free to journey 

toward your intended destination. 


During your initial visit, Alnita will spend much of the time talking about who you are, as well as understanding your reasons for seeking services. Alnita values each person as a unique individual; therefore, it's important for her to understand who you are as well as symptoms that you are experiencing.  Each conversation is tailored specifically for you. 





Alnita’s areas of specialty include but are not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Child Welfare, Crisis Intervention & Stabilization, Grief/Loss, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and Trauma Informed care.  


Alnita has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples/marriage therapy, family therapy in individual and group sessions.