General information

At Skylight we bring an unstoppable creative focus to our work with our clients. Our counseling services are designed to work quickly and have lasting impact. We believe that change happens in the sacred space of the relationship between therapist and client, and we make all efforts to create a safe and accepting space in which transformation can occur. We work with people from all backgrounds with all sorts of presenting issues. Be it depression, anxiety, life transitions, personal identity, communication issues, intimacy problems, anger management, divorce, family conflict, grief, infedelity, addiction, and other issues, our counseling services aim to identify the cause of distress and provide impactful solutions. Our thoughtful and compassionate staff approach each person with care and respect such that a healing can happen. Please give us a call or email so that we can discuss how we might help. 

How to Register

For more information about our individual, couples or family therapy, please call 847-529-8300 x 0 or email