Markeeta Parker


Markeeta Parker, MSW, ALMFT



About Markeeta

**Markeeta is not currently accepting clients.**


People are interpretive beings who make meaning of themselves and their world through the language of stories. We all have a story, and as a narrative therapist Markeeta utilizes the narrative therapy approach to help people discover and change their problematic story into a healthier one, reshape understandings, heal from pain, strengthen relationships, and live in a way that reflects goals and values through the recreation of viewing alternative stories and addressing issues in a more productive way.  


Markeeta is a Couple and Family Therapist who believes we as individuals are intended to be whole - mind, body, and spirit. Stress, grief, and trauma prevents us from operating as whole and healthy beings. Markeeta provides a safe, authentic, non-judgmental atmosphere for the client to express, reflect and experience renewed mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives. Markeeta supports the client in discovering a healthy perception for themselves so they can know themselves as peaceful, purposeful, and complete. 




Markeeta holds a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and is currently in the final stages of completing her Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy at Adler University. She has vast experience working with a wide variety of clients challenged by a wide range of presenting issues including but not limited to communication issues, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, relationship conflict, ADHD, and racialized violence. Markeeta also has experience working in community outreach, volunteering, and mentoring youth in marginalized communities.