Elia Narvaez-Mushtaq



About Elia

Elia's interest in counseling began after completing introductory psychology courses during her undergraduate studies at National Louis University. She was intrigued by the variety of psychological theories that provide a framework for understanding behaviors and development. Elia deepened her understanding of mental health to help clients replace unhealthy behaviors with coping skills to lead a healthier life. She completed her Master of Science in Clinical Counseling at National Louis University.


Elia takes a supportive, non-judgmental, client-centered approach to therapy. Elia creates a safe space and utilizes multiple techniques to provide clients with a personalized counseling experience. Elia has a background in crisis intervention, case management, and substance use. She is passionate about helping individuals manage and overcome daily life challenges.



Elia enjoys assisting clients with adjustment disorders, interpersonal relationships, mood regulation, chronic medical conditions, and stress management.


Elia believes counseling is a cathartic, empowering experience that helps individuals identify problematic situations and find effective coping strategies to promote overall wellness.