Executive Director

Skylight Foundation Executive Director

Angelica Klow, J.D., M.Ed.


Angelica Klow, J.D., M.Ed. has worked in both the non-profit and educational sector for over 20 years. She brings years of experience as an equity practitioner having served as a Director of Diversity at a private school and Associate Admissions Director for Diversity and Inclusion at another. She was also a Policy Analyst at the Ounce of Prevention Fund, now called Start Early, with a focus on special education and mental health issues as they pertain to moms and babies. As a policy analyst, she advocated for change in legislation so that children with special education needs would receive services as relegated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. She also met with local school districts, including Chicago Public Schools, to ensure that children were being identified in their early years for any potential developmental delays. It is her passion for raising awareness and advocating for others that brings her to the Skylight Foundation. She is a fervent believer that everyone should have access to mental health services. No one should have to ignore their mental well-being or feel unable to treat their mental illness on account of limited financial resources. Angelica also believes that in order to serve our most vulnerable populations, mental health services must be made readily available. Angelica is committed to growing The Skylight Foundation so that the organization can serve as many clients as possible.