Timothy Williams


Timothy Williams, QMHP



About Timothy

Timothy is a Mental Health Therapist who has been providing a listening ear and support to others since his childhood. He eventually identified this as his passion and went on to study psychology, counseling, and alternative therapies for holistic healing. This led to him becoming not only a Qualified Mental Health Therapist, but also a Reiki Master Teacher to support individuals in both the mental and spiritual domains. Incorporating his background into his work, he strives to offer a holistic approach to therapy, catering each session to fit the diverse needs of the clients he serves. 


Over the years, Timothy has worked with adolescents, teens, and adults in individual and group settings. His focus areas include trauma, anxiety, anger management, depression, grief, self-confidence, and self-esteem challenges. In sessions, Timothy values building genuine relationships with clients to offer an environment where they feel safe, supported, and trusted. This space to improve quality of thinking, positive behaviors and further understanding of the world around them. Timothy’s ultimate goal is to facilitate sessions to where the client can walk through life feeling lighter than when they began their therapeutic journey.




During our journeys in life, we all face a time where we have dark paths and unknown obstacles. Timothy is here to not only provide you with a guiding light, but also techniques to conquer each obstacle. So, are you ready to create a new path and shed light on the person that you seek to be?




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