LaToya Lewis



About LaToya

LaToya believes that focusing on self-care is extremely important. Life can be challenging and stressful. Most of us have families, jobs and multiple things that we are juggling at once. She believes in the importance of taking a deeper look at ourselves and not just indulging in the fun parts of self-care. Self-care isn’t just getting manicures and having spa days. Self-care is gaining awareness of who you are, speaking your truth and focusing on maintaining wellness. 


LaToya believes in recognizing unhealthy behaviors, patterns, generational cycles and learning ways to break those unhealthy practices can lead to overall health and wellness. 

LaToya takes a special interest in relationships and how they can affect clients in both good and bad ways. Also she takes an interest in stress management, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. 

Also LaToya brings unique experience from a diverse background in the legal field, residential work and crisis intervention. She brings her passion, drive and creativity to learn new ways to assist clients to find their way back to a higher level of functioning. 

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