Lena Elkhatib



About Lena

Lena believes strongly in the power of her clients’ ability to re-author the story of their lives and their relationships. Through therapy, Lena works collaboratively with her clients to help them identify, challenge and reimagine the undesirable aspects of their lives and relationships, facilitating the creation of a more authentic and loving life. With a stance that is equal parts compassionate and challenging, she brings to each session insight, creativity, empathy, a dash of humor and a host of therapeutic interventions that work.

Lena is passionate about working with individuals and couples in navigating issues including, but not limited to: personal development; relationship issues such as constant bickering, poor communication and infidelity; sexual and intimacy issues such as loss of intimacy, changes in sexual desire and arousal, sexual discomfort or dissatisfaction;
premarital counseling; transitioning to parenthood and post-partum mood disorders; anxiety and depression.

In addition to receiving her Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy at Adler University, Lena is currently pursuing her certification in Sex Therapy at the Modern Sex Therapy Institute. She is also certified in PREPARE-ENRICH, a program for couples considering marriage, cohabitation or co-parenting, and PSI certified in treating post-partum anxiety and depression.

Lena welcomes clients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as all gender
identities and expression and sexual and affectional orientations. Her practice is LGBTQ inclusive, kink and BDSM positive and poly-friendly. She practices in both English and Arabic.