Depth Work

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Depth Work or Depth Psychology is a powerful and effective form of individual psychotherapy that enables people to go deeper into themselves and more fully heal from difficult life experiences. Depth Work is an entirely different process of therapy that involves going to the places within that most of us generally avoid. It draws on the work of Carl Jung and explores the subtle, unconscious, and transpersonal aspects of human experience.

Regular therapy typically involves alleviating pain, solving problems, and finding new meaning. It uses various therapeutic techniques to help people gain insight into themselves and be more effective in their relationships. People usually come to regular therapy because there is an outer stressful or painful situation in their life that cause them to seek support. Yet for others, personal growth work is an inner calling to go deeper into themselves and better understand who they are.

Depth Work changes the therapeutic process into one of exploration and discovery. A lot of our inner world is not mapped out, so the therapeutic work ends up looking more like piecing together a puzzle in the dark. Often in the depths we find shadowy aspects of ourselves that have been splintered off. We discover the opposite of who we have thought ourselves to be. Being able to look compassionately at these parts and transform them is like seeing in the dark. It involves being open to the mysteries that lie within us and often culminates in the great reward of increased power, ability, or strength.

To begin this journey, or to continue further on your path of personal growth and discovery, please contact us to see if Depth Work is right for you. We look forward to finding deeper healing with you. 

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