Angele Close



About Angele

*Angele is not accepting new clients at this time.

Angele knows what it is to struggle. She believes that in order to help others, it helps to first ‘do your own work’. Her own journey of healing and transformation is the foundation from which she sits across from her clients to witness, guide and support their personal growth and change. Her authentic, warm and empathic style helps clients feel safe to open up and delve into their personal experiences in order to transform what’s no longer working in their lives.

Both Angele’s life experience and client-centered humanistic clinical training have inspired her to emphasize holistic healing, recognizing that human beings are complex and no 'one way’ is right for all. She works collaboratively with her clients to ensure they feel understood, safe, and supported. Together, Angele and her clients explore their self-identified issues and problematic patterns, investigating the ‘symptoms’ to uncover what needs transformation and healing to meet the clients’ needs and goals. 

Valuing the power of Awareness and Compassion as key ingredients to positive change, Angele helps her clients uncover and harness their inherent strengths and capacities for healing and achieving their greatest potential. She believes that the pathway to repairing unhealthy patterns is through mindful awareness of embodied emotions, deconstructing thoughts and beliefs, and by cultivating skills that help one understand and relate to their experiences with insight, kindness, and compassion.

Dr. Close comes to Skylight from Ontario, Canada where she worked in a variety of clinical settings. Dr. Close is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with extensive clinical training in Emotion-Focused Therapy. She integrates these and other evidenced-based approaches to help clients suffering with stress and anxiety, life transitions, depression, relationships and family dynamics, as well as various levels of trauma. Issues of ‘Self’ (i.e., identity, low self-esteem, and self-confidence) are also of particular interest to Dr. Close. She works with individuals, couples, and groups.