Bello Ahidjo



About Bello

Throughout our lives we go through experiences that help us define who we are. These moments of connection and isolation, fulfillment and confusion are foundational events that make us, us. It is with this understanding that Bello works with you to help make meaning out of your experiences; so as to, more readily, create meaningful connections
and lead fulfilling lives.


Bello has experience working with adults of all ages with concerns related to anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. He has also worked alongside individuals on their journey toward deeper emotional experiences, identity development, increased self-esteem, and more meaningful relationships.


His approach to therapy is focused on the relationship that is built within sessions. He promotes change and growth by exploring your world and helping you work through your current distress. Bello’s calming, soft-spoken manner reassures, and enables you to feel cared for and heard. In this way, trust is gained and you can feel safe in exploring your authentic self and understanding the roots of your distress.


Bello graduated from Roosevelt University with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. There he learned how to create a space within which kindness and understanding can become tools of growth both for you and him. He believes in complete acceptance of others without judgment or shame and is a firm believer in equality regardless of gender, orientation in partnerships, race and ethnicity, religious beliefs, and political affiliations.